School Profile


To provide students with experiences, skills and knowledge to become efficient communicators and lifelong learners who will grow into emotionally resilient and responsible citizens.


We believe:

Children learn best in a positive, caring and stimulating environment where their efforts and achievements are acknowledged, valued and encouraged.

That the best way to encourage good behaviour is to model, recognize and acknowledge this behaviour.

The values which form the basis of all our learning are Respect, Honesty, Confidence, Cooperation – getting along and Resilience.


Set in well cared for gardens and grounds, Thomastown Meadows Primary School was established in 1980. The core building housing excellent facilities of library/information technology laboratory, art-craft room and general purpose room is separated from our air-conditioned, computer-enhanced classrooms. There are 3 permanent purpose built classroom buildings. The school ground is serviced by three age appropriate playgrounds.

The current school population is 333. We have 55% of students with language backgrounds other than English representing 27 different ethnic groups. The main ethnic groups are Arabic, Macedonian, Vietnamese, Turkish and Albanian. We respect and value this diversity.

Thomastown Meadows is approximately 15 kilometres north of Melbourne. Census data continues to substantiate the school’s SFO of approximately .6754. We provide a comprehensive curriculum based upon AusVels. We have an integrated curriculum in the Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, ICT, Science, Technology. In striving for excellence, the school places special emphasis on the literacy and numeracy development of the children. We want every child to reach their full potential, academically and socially.

Programs offered are Camps (3/4 and 5/6), Concerts (every second year), Integration, Health and Human Relations, strong Literacy and Numeracy Programs and ‘You Can Do It’ and ‘Bounce Back’ programs.

The School Council operates very well and parents willingly offer their services. Parental participation in school activities and programs is greatly valued.