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Parent Association

Parents’ Association promote the welfare of, and provide support to, the school and its community. Parents are key partners in their child’s learning. By interacting with the school and other parents, parents’ association members gain a firsthand understanding of how schools operate, and can use their skills and experience to work collaboratively with others in supporting the school and its students.

Parents’ association may undertake social, educational and fundraising activities and contribute to school council decision making.

The role of a parents’ association is threefold:

to provide support, in various forms, for the school, its students and community

to work in cooperation with the principal, staff and school council in building effective partnerships between home and school

to get to know the parents of other children at the school and to support the operation of the school

A parents’ association is not a sub-committee of the school council and has no formally prescribed powers or duties.


The Parents’ Association may undertake fundraising activities with the prior approval of the school council, having as their object the establishment or augmentation of school funds or funds for a particular school purpose.

The Parents Association of Thomastown Meadows Primary School has been fundraising for new seating out in the school yard. They are a dedicated and active group acting in the best interests of the school. All parent are welcome and encouraged to become a member of this committee to ensure they are active participants in their child’s learning.