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At Thomastown Meadows Primary School, we are proud to offer our students the opportunity to engage in an exciting Science program.

Once a week, beginning in their Foundation year, students learn Science, as a specialist subject. They are introduced to a range of scientific knowledge, concepts, skills and equipment. Science is a journey of curiosity and discovery. To reflect this, each year of our Science program builds upon the knowledge and skills practised and learned in the years before.

Each year, students cover four different areas of science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth/Space Science. Within each unit, they complete a hands-on investigation relating to the topic they have learned about. This allows your child to develop a range of scientific skills: questioning, predicting, planning and conducting experiments/research, recording and analysing results, evaluating their work and most importantly communicating appropriately in a scientific setting.

Science is everywhere in our lives so we focus on the familiar and everyday objects around us to engage the students in their learning. In addition to basic equipment such as magnifying glasses, we are very fortunate to have some specialised scientific equipment at our school including digital microscopes; lenses, lights and mirrors; and models of the solar system, earthquakes and life cycles. That said, many of the resources we use you will have at home or are readily available in a supermarket or $2 shop. Don't be surprised if your child comes home and wants to show you how to blow up a balloon without using their mouth, asks to make a cloud in a jar, explains to you why your dinner table is a non-living object or makes suggestions about why your tomato plants aren't growing properly!

We welcome family members or friends of the school who have a scientific background to come and share their experiences with our students.