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Visual Art

The Visual Arts program at TMPS aims to develop art skills and creativity in all students. The curriculum offers age appropriate experiences in order for the students to achieve success.

Students create art from their own experiences, responses, observations and imagination. They explore new skills in the use of tools, materials, processes and techniques.

All areas of Art are covered throughout the year consisting of, drawing, collage, painting, printing, modelling and textiles. Students are encouraged to investigate, experiment and take creative risks to develop their confidence and ability in the Arts.

The curriculum incorporates art appreciation through the exploration of various artists and the works they create. The study of art movements such as Abstract Art, Pop Art and Surrealism is also an important aspect of the program. This learning expands the student’s repertoire of known artists, techniques and the historical, social and emotional impact art can make.

Students reflect on the art they create by discussing and sharing the processes and techniques, used with their peers.