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Vision Values

At Thomastown Meadows Primary School we are honest, respectful and show empathy. We are happy, active and independent learners, contributing positively to society.


Honesty – We are Honest

Empathy – We show Empathy

Respect – We show Respect


We believe:

Children learn best in a positive, caring and stimulating environment where their efforts and achievements are acknowledged, valued and encouraged.

That the best way to encourage good behaviour is to model, recognize and acknowledge this behaviour


Thomastown Meadows Primary School opened in 1980 and is located in a well established area.  The school has an enrolment of 324 students with a high proportion coming from diverse backgrounds where English is not spoken at home. Thomastown Meadows Primary is a dynamic school promoting integrity, lifelong learning and the attainment of excellence. The school is committed to providing the highest quality education through the recognition of individual learning styles, effective communication, team work, continuous improvement and the development of a sense of belonging. 

We provide a safe and challenging environment that engages and stimulates students to become lifelong learners with the academic, social and personal skills needed to become productive members of a dynamic, global society. Our core purpose is to ensure that every student is supported to reach their full potential and improving student learning outcomes is its highest priority. The teaching teams within the school plan together to deliver comprehensive programs in Literacy, Maths and Integrated Curriculum. Literacy and Maths sessions are implemented using small group instruction. The leadership team work with our teachers to build teacher capacity in teaching instruction. All curriculum planning, implementation and assessment is based on the Victorian Curriculum. English and Mathematics continue to be the highest priorities for resourcing and professional development.

Thomastown Meadows Primary School takes pride in its strong sense of community. Parents and staff share a common goal to develop in our students a confident sense of self worth, a desire for excellence and a sense of responsibility to help build a better world. We believe our students can be inspired to reach their goals when there is a strong partnership between home and school. To develop a sense of belonging for the community the school holds a number of annual whole school events. These events embrace and enrich the home school relationships and enhance the development of a learning community. 

The School Council and Parents Association provide support and guidance for the school community and act with best intentions to guide continuous improvement for all at Thomastown Meadows Primary School.

TMPS is committed to promoting and protecting the interest and safety of all children by providing an environment where children are safe, feel safe and their voices are heard.