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Visual Art

At Thomastown Meadows Primary School our Visual Arts program aims to develop student’s creativity by helping them explore and express their ideas. Students use a range of materials and equipment to practise different techniques and learn skills across a range of visual art areas. Students view and respond to both modern and historical art and learn about artists from all around the world. They learn to view and critique their own and others work by using technical and precise vocabulary.

Concepts taught in art:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Print-making
  • Construction
  • Clay modelling
  • Collages
  • Mixed media work


Our art room is spacious and allows for students to work in collaborative groups. Our art teacher Ms. Ilkay ensures students are engaged in stimulating activities where students can explore their ideas with a range of materials and equipment. Students’ creativity is fostered in a caring and fun environment, which allows students to take risks with their learning and give new concepts and skills a go. 


At TMPS our Art program helps students to:

  • Be creative
  • Explore ideas
  • Express their individuality 
  • Think critically
  • Relax and be mindful
  • Experiment & explore
  • Enjoy school in a fun atmosphere
  • Improve their vocabulary
  • View the world in a different way
  • Build their confidence

Community links & Art displays

Students art work is displayed around the school for the whole community to enjoy. Students relish the opportunity to see their work being presented to their families and the wider community in our school and in art festivals.

Art Club

We are also lucky enough to offer our students Art Club, once a week during recess. Each week students have the opportunity to use different materials to create different artworks. Students from Foundation to Year 6 are welcome to attend.

Art wellness program

We are excited to be offering some students an opportunity to participate in a new ‘Art Wellness Program’ at Thomastown Meadows Primary School.  

The Art Wellness program is designed to help students to build a positive mindset and further improve social skills. Each Art session will be fun and creative, but also have specific learning experiences to support overall wellbeing and a stronger sense of belonging.

Topics covered will depend on the group of students and their needs, but could include:


  • Understanding and recognising emotions to help deal with a variety of situations
  • Coping strategies and dealing with change
  • Building resilience
  • Modelling effective problem-solving techniques
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Helping students to develop and maintain positive relationships

Play Therapy with Foundation students

Once a week, Foundation students enjoy a session of play therapy where they participate in organsied activities with the goal of improving their social and emotional skills, as well as their oral language skills. 

Students rotate through a range of activities throughout the term.

Activities include:

  • Building and constructing with lego and blocks
  • Creating & making with Playdough
  • Mindful colouring and drawing
  • Dress up and playing shop
  • Hand eye coordination activities with beads
  • Teacher group which focuses on improving oral language and vocabulary