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The core purpose of the school is to provide a safe and challenging environment that engages and stimulates students to become lifelong learners with the academic, social and personal skills needed to become productive members of a dynamic, global society. The school values are: Honesty, Empathy & Respect which were launched with fidelity and commitment from the whole school community. The school utilises a Rights and Responsibilities approach to behaviour management supported by various values programs and by implementing the School Wide Positive Behaviours Framework.

The focus of the school is on ensuring that every student is supported to reach their full potential and improving student learning outcomes is our highest priority. The teaching teams within the school plan together to deliver comprehensive programs in Literacy, Maths. Where leaders model in classrooms to build teacher capacity in teaching instructions. All curriculum planning, implementation and assessment is based on the Victorian Curriculum. English and Mathematics continue to be the highest priorities for resourcing and professional development. Ongoing collection and interpretation of formative and summative information establishes the starting point of all curriculum planning and the teaching and learning programs for all students.

There is a dedicated approach to building teacher capacity from leadership to ensure learning is valued, thinking is encouraged and creativity and imagination fostered. Our staff are keen to share a love of learning with their students and ensure a wealth of learning opportunities and challenges are offered. The life of our students is enriched through an exciting range of curriculum and developmental activities that include specialist programs and support programs.

Student wellbeing is fostered by strongly linking learning and wellbeing to create a positive school culture. Thomastown Meadows Primary School, in its commitment to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children, has a zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone involved with Thomastown Meadows is responsible for the care and protection of children and the reporting of child abuse and we are accredited in all the Child Safety Standards.

Thomastown Meadows Primary School takes pride in its strong sense of community. Parents and staff share a common goal to develop in our students a confident sense of self-worth, a desire for excellence and a sense of responsibility to help build a better world. As a school we believe our students can be inspired to reach their goals when there is a strong partnership between home and school. To develop a sense of belonging for the community the school holds a number of annual whole school events. These events embrace and enrich the home school relationships and enhance the development of a learning community. Parents participate in many facets of school life, including classroom involvement, camps, excursions, parent groups, fundraising and volunteer work. The School Council and Parents Association provide support and guidance for the school community and act with best intentions to guide continuous improvement for all at Thomastown Meadows Primary School.

No school can hope to be fully effective without a well developed community and team spirit. It is not equipment, programs or policies that make an effective school but rather the effectiveness of the people within the school. As the Principal, I am committed to ensure all parts of the school community work as a team and focus on increasing the educational opportunities for all children as they are scaffolded from Early Intervention through to Secondary School. The individuality of the students in our community must be considered and supported. As the Principal, I will ensure that the community culture continues to be one that makes the clear connection for all members to the local wider community.

As the Principal of Thomastown Meadows Primary School, I will ensure that as a collective, we continue to prepare young people for the future and its many changes and challenges. This will be achieved through supporting staff to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and passion. In an interrelated world, where communication is possible between any individual or group and any other person in the world, I will ensure that Thomastown Meadows Primary School will be part of the global communications explosion. The characteristic of a successful school will be the partnership that it forges, maintains and uses face-to-face or ‘virtual’, using a range of technologies. Partnerships will be local, national and international, according to need, and with a purpose that will help determine our capacity to change. There are very exciting times for the digital technologies explosion.

If you wish to talk to me about any issues relating to the school, please contact me on the school details.

Keep smiling

Fiona Rosa – Principal